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be conditions to resume the continent’s economic growth, along with its high potential.”
With Mota‐Engil being present in Africa for 72 years, Manuel Mota believes
that “the recognition of the historical path, the ability to do, to vertically integrate the entire production cycle with the existence of a unique pool of heavy equipment in Africa, capable of tackling any challenge, are Mota‐Engil’s di erentiating factors in Africa”.
Facing an increasingly global competition from companies of multiple geographies, Manuel Mota noted that “the engineering quality is a distinctive factor in projects that, due to the fact that there are multilateral entities, create a level of technical demand among the highest in the world, and that is a factor that enables Mota‐Engil to compete among the best.”
Concerning the moment presently experienced by the company in Africa,
Manuel Mota  rmly believes it to be
“a moment of a rmation in the market and of stability in the organisation,
with an order book that enables looking to the next two years and a half with tranquillity, serenely de ning what is most relevant for the Group, maintaining the focus on the levels of pro tability that are desired for Mota‐Engil.”
In 2017, Mota‐Engil Africa won projects in new markets such as Tanzania, Republic of Guinea and Côte d’Ivoire. When asked whether this diversi cation strategy is expected to continue, Manuel Mota stressed that “we have to be selective, analysing the countries that may be less interesting due to the presence of other competitors or to their lower potential, and others where it may be more interesting to enter. Above all, we seek to invest capital wisely
and where our presence can be more productive and pro table.”
Mota‐Engil has always been right next to Angola, in the good and in the bad times, sometimes with signi cant  nancial e ort in the most di cult moments, but this has made us the greatest exponent of the business relationship between Portugal and Angola.
CEO of Mota‐Engil Africa
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