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and shores, in light of the several identi ed constraints.
The building occupies a footprint area of around 94 x 33 metres. Consisting
of three  oors, all underground, structurally built in reinforced concrete, with fungiform slabs with a height of 52.5 cm and a compression plate of 10.0 cm for Floor 0’s slab and solid fungiform slabs with a height of 22 cm for Floors
‐1 and ‐2. The slabs are supported by pillars with sections between 0.30 x 0.80 m and 0.30 x 1.00 m and on walls with variable sections.
The external work in the area above the Parking Garage was also executed, including the pavements, in white UniLisboa concrete, the
cobbled paving and the overhaul of the accesses into and out of the parking garage, enabling public access and usage in the area in front of the Main Entrance of the Lisbon Zoo.
The execution of the work went according to plan, with the contractual deadline of one year being met. With
the availability of this parking garage, Lisbon is equipped with one more facility of unquestionable quality that will serve those who wish to visit the Zoo and travel in its surrounding area.
40,348 m3
710 t
5,942 m3
10,685 m2
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