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This project is also an important opportunity for Pedro Astoreca, a young Spanish engineer who took on a key role in the management of the work. “My experience at Mota‐Engil is going rather well. I graduated in June and started working here in September. At  rst I was nervous since I had never dealt with the foremen or with bosses, but everything went well. I never thought I would immediately join a company this big, and now all I want is to continue to work at Mota‐Engil, and for that I have to put in the work and learn more each day”, said the newly graduated engineer.
This work is another large project of MEEC that will improve the city of León, since the current railways will be under the ground, returning space to the city, creating green areas and walkways on the surface. The total work will also enable the expansion of the León Station and the reduction of the travel times in the Madrid‐Astúrias high‐speed line.
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