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sewerage scheme bundle which includes the towns of Foxford (3,500PE), Charlestown (3,400PE) and Killala(2,300PE). This project entails vast elements of Civil Works in the upgrading of existing collection networks on all sites and includes for a two‐year operation service.
Glan Agua is delighted to announce further success in the procurement of disinfection
programmes adding to our existing works
in this  eld. Glan Agua have been awarded the County Tipperary Disinfection and pH Control Programme which encompasses
the assessment, design and upgrade of No. 63 Water Treatment Plants and Reservoir Sites throughout the locality of County Tipperary. Glan Agua has also been awarded the County Cork Area 2 Disinfection and pH Control Programme which encompasses
the assessment, design and upgrade of No. 74 Water Treatment Plants and Reservoir
Glan Agua are constantly aiming to provide the highest level of design to all clients, shown here is a 3D model of the recently awarded Thurles Water Treatment Plant.
Sites throughout the locality of Cork City and North Cork County. Both contracts involve the enhancement of the existing treatment process and resilience across these facilities.
These awards demonstrate the experience gained through the completion of similar works such as the Waterford, Wicklow, Mayo and Sligo Disinfection Programmes and the relationship the Glan Agua Disinfection Team has developed with Irish Water.
an Energy Management System in all organisational operations.
Energy management is an all‐encompassing process, and this accreditation shows the company's commitment to improving energy performance, as established in the Group's Energy Policy.
The company received a certi cation regarding its good performance in energy.
Glan Agua was honoured with the ISO 50001:2011 European certi cation, in the context of the Energy Management System. The audit took place in two stages at the end of 2017, and the entire application process was led by the Internal Energy Management Team.
The ISO 50001:2011 Energy Management Standard works as an international
standard and speci es the requirements for an organisation to establish, implement, maintain and improve an Energy Management System to achieve a continuous improvement in its energy performance.
This accreditation is the culmination of many months of work by Glan Agua's board and employees, who introduced
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