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construction and on‐going maintenance. The Lot 3 works will include the design and installation of modi cations to two existing groundwater abstraction sites.
Having commenced the contract in January this year, Glan Agua is working to develop the preliminary design for both lots to enable the project to transition to the next phase – detailed design and construction.
To date, Glan Agua has hit all targets on this programme‐driven project, having recently completed a technology
selection report, which assessed the process needs for the project and factored all other project constraints, to propose the most suitable and robust technologies for further consideration.
The structure of this framework is
very unique and a  rst for Glan Agua. The approach taken by the client, A nity Water, is one of collaboration and cooperation. This is evidenced by the form of contract under which the framework is being administered – NEC3 Professional Services Contract, which
promotes close cooperation between client and contractor.
Glan Agua is fully committed to this approach as is demonstrated by our team of engineers who are co‐located with A nity Water at their project o ces.
The team at Glan Agua is looking forward to working with our partners, Farrans Construction, and our client, A nity Water, on this high‐pro le and crucial project and are con dent in our ability to deliver world class results.
€10 million
18 months
Public Works Contract PW‐CF3, for Civil Engineering Works Designed by the Employer
Bituminous Pavements: 10,152 m3
116,374 m3 of excavation and 159,049 m3 of Fill
The company will be responsible for the construction of an important road for the development
of Donabate District.
MEIC Ltd is making further progress in its ambitions to be a dominant contractor in the Irish infrastructure market with its recent awarded of the Donabate District Distributor Road Project.
The project, which has an estimated value of €10 million, will be delivered for the Fingal County Council, a new client for the company and one they are looking forward to working with.
Scheduled to take 18 months, the project consists of a distributor road of approximately 4 km in length,
and is being viewed as crucial to the future development of the peninsula as it represents a solution to the heavy tra c issues that the Donabate Village su ers from and will also feed future
Housing Developments in the scheme surrounding area.
The alignment will run in an easterly direction from the R126 Hearse Road on the south‐west of Donabate village, across the Dublin‐Belfast railway line, before heading in a northerly direction to reconnect with the R126 on Portrane Road.
This project is of great signi cance to MEIC Ltd as the road has been described as a key strategic aim of the Donabate Local Area Plan which provides for the sustainable growth of the town.
The team at MEIC are looking forward in delivering a project of such community value.
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