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EGF implemented a procedure across the companies that establishes integrated purchasing processes, boosting scale e ects and synergies between concessionaires.
To that end, a Procurement area was created in EGF, using the Shareholders’ installed capacity and without
burdening the companies, which
are responsible for the centralised management of the processes
of acquisition of goods, supplies
and services, when it is expectable to obtain, through scale e ects, better commercial conditions from the suppliers. Examples include, among others, collection vehicles and cars, containers and recycling banks, uniforms, personal protective equipment, falconry services, fuel, energy, lubricating oils and greases, tyres and security services.
This project enables
EGF’s employees to
be integrated in a human development and empowerment initiative, as well as to increase their training and quali cations.
• Proximity between the Board and the entire company, directly engaging all workers in shared objectives, throughout the multiple levels of leadership.
• Development of the human resources, through the assumption of new responsibilities, new roles and new challenges.
• Creation of executive management and shared technical areas, able to face the demanding legal, economic and regulatory challenges.
• De nition of a communication and awareness-raising strategy, aimed at the
activity and result, focusing on the growth of selective collection and on the actual change of behaviours, maintaining permanent cooperation with the municipalities.
• Opening of EGF Holding’s activity to new business areas, new markets and avenues of innovation.
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