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The theme for this year was corporate social investment towards the attainment of sustainable development.
Mota‐Engil Zimbabwe participated in the World Corporate Social Responsibility
Day Celebrations which took place at The Rainbow Towers in Harare on 26 February 2018. The theme for this year was Corporate Social Investment towards the attainment of sustainable development.
The Mota‐Engil team braved the drizzling weather and took part in the clean‐up campaign of the city. Participants were picking up litter in the City of Harare and also encouraging and educating the residents to take responsibility to keep the city clean. The concept of giving back to the community always has a positive impact to the company
Indaba is the world’s largest mining investment conference, dedicated
to the funding and development of mining
in Africa.
as well as the employees, customers, suppliers, local communities, the state and other groups involved.
The speech by the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Enterprise Development emphasised that there are three pillars of Corporate Social Responsibility, which coincidentally are part of the Mota‐Engil Social Responsibility General Goals:
1. Economic: whereby the companies assist one another and the industry at large.
2. Social: which entails employee health and bene ts which they carry from the workplace and positively in uence their families.
3. Ecological: a healthy environment for the company as well as for the future generations’ eco‐e ciency.
On this occasion the Managing Director
of Mota‐Engil Zimbabwe, Mr. Mhatiwa,
was given the platform to talk about what
we do as Mota‐Engil and he also gave an impressive account of how we, as a company, have contributed to the Corporate Social Responsibility in our operations in Zimbabwe, particularly in Hwange where we are carrying out mining operations. We are also proud
to say that Mota‐Engil was applauded for its involvement both in the community, and also for being a big participant at this event.
The trade show had the visit of  gures from multiple African countries.
Indaba is the world’s largest mining investment conference, dedicated to
the funding and development of mining in Africa. This is a favourable and e ective opportunity to consolidate established presences and, at the same time, to receive new companies from sectors speci cally geared to the mining market.
The trade show was attended by Mota‐Engil Africa that was represented
represented by a booth, which was visited by  gures from multiple African countries as well as by representatives of Mota‐Engil Africa, namely its CEO, Manuel António Mota. The booth’s concept was guided by the company’s philosophy, values, and organisation principles, highlighting the people who make it up, Mota‐Engil’s presence in the world and all of its history.
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