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Company celebrates one year without accidents as a benchmark for good practices.
The milestone of one million hours of work without accidents was the motto for ECOVISION to celebrate with its workers the completion of one year of consolidation and achieved objectives.
The importance of the human element for the organisation and of the teamwork for the execution of its goals were recurring topics in the multiple times
of celebration in the headquarters and
in the six operating centres.
In 2017, Ecovision invested
in preventive safety measures, such as training (in risk management, operationalisation of equipment,
defensive driving and  rst aid, among others) and daily awareness raising before beginning operations, which proved to be very successful in the goal of combating accidents.
During the celebration, other objectives achieved in 2017 were also remembered, namely the improvement in waste collection and the sharp reduction
– ideally to zero – in the number of complaints concerning the service, with the presence of two customer representatives and the very positive appreciation formalised by the Ministry of Municipal Management also being worthy of note.
Ecovision invested
in preventive safety measures, such as training and daily awareness raising.
Contract of 70 million euros with a seven-year duration.
Operating in the market of Oman since 2014, through ECOVISION, SUMA reinforces its position in that part of the globe by winning a new competition
for waste management amounting to 70 million euros, for a period of seven years and with the possibility of extending for two more.
The contract includes a diversi ed range of operations, namely the management of municipal solid waste in the region of Al Wusta; waste management and urban cleaning in the Special Economic Zone of
Duqm; the operation of two solid‐waste land lls – one for hazardous waste and another for non‐hazardous waste; as well as the management of waste in several oil  elds spread across the country, belonging to Petroleum Development Oman.
SUMA bid for this contract in partnership with TANMIA, a public national investment fund, subsidiary of the Sovereign Fund of the Sultanate of Oman.
Both the partnership and intention of award show the trust in the organisation,
and the recognition of its capabilities and of the work being carried out, which was many times complimented, being a benchmark in its area of operation. The opinion formalised by the highest member of the ministry in charge of municipal management is another example of this, mentioning
the “contribution of excellence and active participation in the swift removal of waste”, in the province of Sur, especially during the festivities in which “cooperation has had a major impact on the population”.
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