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The company was also acknowledged during the 33rd Pérumin Mining Convention for the commitment shown in each of the projects developed for the Cerro Verde mining company, which represents an opportunity to strengthen the bond of trust established with the client and positions MEP as one of the leading companies carrying out mining infrastructure works in Peru, thanks to the competitiveness and professionalism with which the company works.
Taking into account the professionalism with which Mota‐Engil carries out each of the projects, MEP managed to be a part of the consortium building the Port of San Martín, in charge of the modernisation works of the General Port Terminal, an extremely important work that consists of expanding the port’s capacity to support the sustained growth of the local and international port services.
On the other hand, in the context of the development of road infrastructures, MEP consolidates its leadership position with the execution of the works of the new Bridges of Arica and Quebrada Seca, whose works improved the movement of vehicles, also providing greater road safety.
The responsiveness of Mota‐Engil Peru’s team in emergency situations has been exemplary, since the works at Independence Bridge to repair
the damages caused by the El Niño ocean‐atmospheric phenomenon were completed in 45 days.
With all these projects, MEP continues to position itself as one of the main infrastructure companies in Peru, working with extensive competitiveness and professionalism.
Las Bambas project stood out as a model to follow concerning safety levels, with Mota‐Engil Peru being recognized in 2017.
Independência Bridge.
Arica and Quebrada Seca Bridges.
Paita Port Work.

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