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More recently, Mota‐Engil was present during the Portuguese Prime Minister's o cial visit to Canada.
In early 2018, Mota‐Engil Latin America opened its o ce in Panama City.
Panama’s strategic location and its integration in the global economy made this market the one with the highest growth in Latin America, and reinforced its position as the main regional logistics centre.
In fact, Panama recorded a growth
rate of 5.4% in 2017 and, according
to projections of the main international organisations, is expected to record
a similar value in 2018, the highest growth rate among the LATAM
region’s economies.
Public and private investments are expected to remain high in key areas such as transportation and logistics, mining,  nancial services and tourism.
Mota‐Engil Panama is currently evaluating opportunities to begin infrastructure projects.
With a goal of excellence, the Mota‐ Engil Group enters another new market, seeking to be at the forefront of the construction sector.
Paulo Medeiros,
representative of Mota‐Engil Panama.
Pedro Quelhas (right),
representative of Mota‐Engil Canada.
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